La Jolla kayak tours with sea lions

Paddling alongside playful sea lions is one of the most unforgettable experiences you can have in La Jolla, California. These charismatic creatures love basking on the rocky shores of the La Jolla Ecological Reserve, and kayak tours offer a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with them in their natural habitat.

Here are a few of the best La Jolla kayak tours with sea lions:

  • La Jolla Kayak: This company offers a variety of kayak tours, including the Original La Jolla Kayak Cave Tour, which takes you past seven sea caves and through the heart of the reserve. You’re almost guaranteed to see sea lions sunbathing on the rocks or swimming alongside your kayak.
    Image of La Jolla Kayak tour, California
  • Bike and Kayak Tours: This company’s La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak Tour is another great option. It takes you past the same seven caves as the La Jolla Kayak tour, and you’re also likely to see harbor seals, leopard sharks, and dolphins.
    Image of Bike and Kayak Tours, La Jolla, California
  • Everyday California: This company offers a La Jolla Cove Sea Cave Kayak Tour that explores the seven sea caves and the La Jolla Ecological Reserve. You’ll also have the chance to see Garibaldi, California’s state fish, swimming under your kayak.
    Image of Everyday California, La Jolla, California

No matter which tour you choose, you’re sure to have a blast kayaking in La Jolla. The water is usually calm and clear, and the scenery is stunning. Just be sure to book your tour in advance, as they can fill up quickly, especially during the summer months.

Here are some tips for making the most of your La Jolla kayak tour with sea lions:

  • Wear sunscreen and a hat: The sun can be strong, even in the winter.
  • Bring water and snacks: You’ll want to stay hydrated and fueled on your tour.
  • Dress in layers: The weather can change quickly on the water.
  • Be respectful of the wildlife: Don’t get too close to the sea lions or try to touch them.
  • Have fun! Kayaking in La Jolla is a truly magical experience.

I hope this helps you plan your La Jolla kayak tour with sea lions!

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