Speakeasy Soirées: Uncovering Sydney CBD’s Hidden Cocktail Bars with Live Music

Sydney’s CBD, a bustling hub of corporate skyscrapers and harborside serenity, also harbors a secret world of speakeasy-style cocktail bars brimming with live music and hidden charms. Forget the neon-lit giants; these intimate dens are where discerning Sydneysiders unwind with handcrafted cocktails and intoxicating melodies. So, step away from the ordinary and dive into the extraordinary with our guide to the best hidden cocktail bars with live music in Sydney CBD:

1. The Baxter Inn: Descend a unmarked alleyway in Surry Hills, and a dimly lit haven awaits. Exposed brick walls, vintage jazz paraphernalia, and flickering candles set the mood for a bygone era. Renowned for its meticulously crafted cocktails and world-class bartenders, The Baxter Inn boasts live jazz every Thursday to Saturday, transporting you to a New Orleans speakeasy.

2. Tio Pepe: Tucked away behind a bookcase in a heritage-listed building, Tio Pepe is a tapas and sherry paradise. But on Tuesdays and Fridays, the back room transforms into a flamenco fiesta! Sip on fragrant sangria or Spanish wine while talented dancers and guitarists ignite your senses with a passionate performance.

3. Maybe Sammy: This subterranean gem near Circular Quay is all about retro glamour. Think velvet booths, Art Deco accents, and a killer cocktail menu. But Maybe Sammy takes things up a notch with live piano every night, adding a touch of sophistication to your evening. Channel your inner Gatsby and let the music whisk you away.

4. Mjølner: Calling all Viking wannabes! This Nordic-themed bar in Redfern is more than just exposed timber and Thor memorabilia. Mjølner’s intimate back room hosts regular live acoustic sets, from folk and blues to indie and singer-songwriter gems. Grab a mead cocktail and raise a toast to the gods of good music.

5. Shady Pines Saloon: Saddle up for a Wild West adventure at Shady Pines Saloon in Darlinghurst. This saloon-style bar boasts sawdust floors, swinging saloon doors, and a whiskey menu longer than a cowboy’s arm. But the real treasure lies in the saloon’s hidden piano bar. Catch live honky-tonk, blues, and ragtime on weekends, and let the music transport you to a dusty frontier town.

Bonus Tip: Remember, hidden bars thrive on secrecy. Keep your eyes peeled for unmarked doorways, vintage trinkets, or inconspicuous buzzers. Part of the fun is the thrill of the hunt!

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