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City Beach Perth: Your Ultimate Guide to Paradise


Picture this: dazzling white sand slipping between your toes, the gentle rhythm of waves washing over you, and the warm Western Australian sun kissing your skin. If this sounds like your definition of heaven, then welcome to City Beach, Perth. It’s a place that whispers of endless summers and carefree coastal living.

I’m not just a travel blogger spouting clichés; I’ve spent countless hours on this beach. As a kid, I wore out my boogie board in City Beach’s rolling waves. Now, it’s where I bring my own family for lazy picnics and sunset strolls. Let’s just say, City Beach has a special place in my heart. That’s why I’ve decided to craft this ultimate guide. I want you to experience the magic, whether you’re a Perth local looking for a rediscovery or a first-time visitor from across the globe.

Consider me your trusted guide. We’ll delve into the obvious gems of City Beach – the swimming, the surf, the sand – but we’ll also go deeper. I want to unravel everything this coastal paradise has to offer, giving you the inside scoop that turns a “nice beach day” into an unforgettable experience.

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City Beach – Where Sun-Kissed Days Unfold

Picture-perfect doesn’t even begin to cover it. City Beach boasts that classic Aussie beach combo: impossibly soft white sand stretching for miles, and the kind of crystal-clear turquoise water that makes you want to dive right in. But the beauty is matched by a welcoming, laid-back vibe that’s pure Perth. Whether you’re in full relaxation mode or craving a bit of adventure, City Beach delivers.

Let’s talk logistics, so you can make the most of your sun-drenched day:

  • Getting There: If you’re in Perth’s CBD, City Beach is easily reached by bus, with routes stopping right near the beachfront. Got your own wheels? Great! There’s ample parking, though weekends and holidays get busy, so arrive early.

  • Facilities: City Beach has you sorted. There are change rooms, showers, toilets, and even lockers for valuables if you’re traveling light.

  • Safety First: Perth’s beaches are generally safe, but always swim between the flags patrolled by lifeguards. Check beach conditions before venturing too far out, especially if you’re not a strong swimmer.

  • Best Time to Visit: Perth is a year-round sunshine haven. City Beach is at its busiest during those scorching summer months (December-February), but the shoulder seasons (spring and autumn) are magic – warm days and fewer crowds.

The Best Things to Do at City Beach

City Beach isn’t just about soaking up the rays (although that’s encouraged!). It’s a hub of activity where you can find your perfect coastal adventure.

Swimming & Sunbathing

  • Family-Friendly Frolicking: The two groynes at City Beach create sheltered areas, perfect for little ones to splash safely. Remember, sun safety is key – always slip, slop, slap!
  • Lap it Up: If you love a good swim, the ocean here is generally calm and inviting. Keen on snorkeling? There are reefs within swimming distance to explore.


  • Catch a Wave: City Beach is a popular surf spot, with breaks for beginners and experienced riders alike. Never surfed before? There are surf schools offering lessons right on the beach.
  • The Spectator Sport: Even if you’re not out there paddling, watching the surfers carve up the waves is oddly mesmerizing. Grab a coffee and snag a spot on the sand – it’s entertainment for hours.

Coastal Walks

  • Scenic Strolls: There’s a paved path running along the beachfront, perfect for a morning run, sunset walk with your dog, or a leisurely pushchair stroll.
  • Bold Park Views: For those seeking some elevation, lace up your hiking boots and check out the trails of Bold Park. You’ll be rewarded with panoramic views over City Beach and the Indian Ocean.

Parks & Playgrounds

  • Picnic Perfection: Lush green spaces dot the City Beach foreshore. Pack your basket and find a shady tree – it’s the ultimate Aussie beach picnic experience.
  • Kids Unleashed: Several playgrounds keep the little ones entertained. There are BBQs and picnic shelters too, perfect for group gatherings.

Sip, Savour, Shop: The City Beach Experience

City Beach isn’t just about the natural beauty; it’s a place to indulge in fantastic food, sip great coffee, and maybe find those perfect holiday souvenirs. Here’s your guide to the good life:

Dining Delights

  • Casual Beachfront Bites: There’s something special about fish and chips eaten with sandy toes. City Beach has laid-back cafes perfect for grabbing a post-swim snack to refuel.
  • Oceanfront Restaurants: Feel like dressing up a bit? Splurge on a meal at one of the upscale restaurants overlooking the ocean. Think fresh seafood, excellent wine lists, and stunning sunset views.
  • Diverse Flavours: From modern Australian cuisine with a twist to cafes serving up the best smashed avo around, City Beach caters to all tastes.

Boutique Browsing

  • Designer Finds: City Beach boasts some seriously stylish boutiques. Pop in for beach-chic fashion, locally-made homewares, and unique gifts you won’t find in the big malls.
  • Markets and Events: Keep an eye on the local events calendar. Markets pop up throughout the year, offering handcrafted goods, vintage treasures, and a lively community vibe.

Hidden Gems in City Beach

Think you know City Beach? Well, I’m here to share a few lesser-known gems that will have you falling even more in love with this coastal haven.

  • Secret Snorkel Spot: Just north of the main swimming area lies a little rocky outcrop known as Mettam’s Pool. It’s a protected natural pool teeming with marine life – a snorkeler’s paradise! Bring your goggles and discover colorful fish flitting about the reef.

  • The Lookout with a View: While Bold Park gets all the hiking attention, there’s a smaller lookout right off Challenger Parade with breathtaking ocean vistas. Grab a coffee and watch the sunset paint the sky from this peaceful spot.

  • Foodies’ Delight: Tucked away on a side street, you’ll find a small cafe with a big reputation for its breakfasts. Think fluffy pancakes, innovative takes on eggs benedict, and the kind of coffee that’ll fuel your entire day. I won’t spill the exact name – let’s make it a bit of a treasure hunt!

  • Picnic Under the Pines: Looking for shade on scorching days? Head to the southern end of City Beach, where a grove of Norfolk pines offers respite from the sun. Pack a picnic spread and settle into this uniquely idyllic spot.

Beyond City Beach – Nearby Adventures

While it’s easy to spend an entire day – or even a whole vacation – at City Beach, there’s so much more to Perth’s coastline and beyond. Let’s consider a few day-trip options to add an extra dimension to your Perth escape:

  • Island Getaway: Rottnest Island: Hop on a ferry from nearby Fremantle and discover this car-free paradise. Rent bikes and explore the island’s stunning beaches, meet the adorable quokkas, and enjoy that ultimate holiday feeling.

  • Charming Freo: Fremantle: This historic port city is just a short drive or train ride away. Stroll through the markets, soak up the bohemian vibes, grab a bite at a buzzing brewery, and maybe even take a tour of Fremantle Prison.

  • Wine Lover’s Escape: Swan Valley: If you fancy a scenic drive, head inland to the Swan Valley, Western Australia’s oldest wine region. Indulge in tastings at renowned wineries, sample gourmet treats, and immerse yourself in rolling green landscapes.

Tip for the Time Conscious: Even if you’ve only got a few hours, there are quick adventures to be had! Take a scenic walk along the Coast to Cottesloe, exploring the beaches as you go, or head to lively Scarborough for a beachfront dinner with lively vibes.


City Beach, Perth isn’t simply a stretch of sand; it’s a feeling. It’s the warmth of the sun on your face, the taste of salt on your lips, and the endless possibilities that come with a day by the ocean. Whether you’re seeking sun-drenched relaxation, family-friendly fun, a little adventure, or a taste of Perth’s unique coastal lifestyle, you’ll find it here.

As for me, well, City Beach will always be a bit more special. It’s where my own love affair with this city began. Maybe next time I’m strolling along the water’s edge or watching the sunset, I’ll see you there. Share your favorite City Beach memory with me in the comments – I love hearing how this beach weaves its magic for others.

Now, don’t let this blog post be the end of your City Beach journey. Get out there, explore, and discover your own perfect slice of this coastal paradise. Trust me, it’s a place that will call you back time and time again.


  • Where is City Beach located? City Beach is located in Perth, Western Australia, about 10 kilometers from the Perth CBD.
  • Is City Beach safe for swimming? City Beach is generally safe for swimming, but always swim between the patrolled flags and be aware of changing conditions.
  • What are the best places to eat near City Beach? City Beach has a range of dining options, from casual beach cafes to upscale restaurants with stunning ocean views. [You could even include a top 3 list if you like!]
  • Are dogs allowed at City Beach? Dogs are permitted on City Beach but must be on a leash at all times. There are also some designated dog exercise areas nearby.
  • What is the best time of year to visit City Beach? City Beach is lovely year-round, but peak summer (December to February) gets very busy. Visiting during spring or autumn offers warm weather with smaller crowds.
  • Is there parking at City Beach? Yes, there’s ample parking, but it fills up quickly on weekends and holidays. Arrive early or consider public transport.


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