The Best Restaurants Near Darling Harbour

1. Little Snail

Image of Little Snail restaurant in Darling Harbour
Little snail

Tucked away, The Little Snail whisks you to sun-drenched Paris. Baguette aromas, exposed brick, charming staff – prepare to be swept away. French classics sing: Coq au Vin, Moules Marinières, even Kangaroo with Dijon flair. Vegetarian Risottos surprise. Indulge in Crème Brûlée or share Sticky Date bliss. The Little Snail isn’t just food, it’s a Parisian escape. Grab your beret, raise a glass, and dive in! Find our more:

2. The Malaya

Image of Malaya restaurant in Darling Harbour
Malaya restaurant

Pyrmont’s Malaya isn’t just Penang on a plate, it’s a fiery feast! Satay sizzles, roti begs to be dipped, and rendang whispers spice secrets. Char Kway Teow noodles ignite, Laksa sings coconut dreams, and Nyonya delights surprise. From crispy chicken to creamy Cendol, it’s a Malaysian adventure in every bite. Grab your chopsticks and spice up your Sydney! Find out more:

3. Atelier By Sofitel

Image of Atelier by Sofitel restaurant in Darling Harbour
Atelier by Sofitel

Forget Sydney’s usual fare, Atelier by Sofitel is a Parisian canvas dripping with culinary art. Chef Connolly wields local flavors like paint, crafting masterpieces on your plate. Jazz whispers, velvet swirls, and chandeliers twinkle – it’s Art Deco grandeur meets modern Aussie magic. Beyond the bites, Atelier Bar beckons with Parisian whispers and rooftop stars offer cityscapes on silver platters. Atelier isn’t just a meal, it’s a story told in every bite, a brushstroke of culinary magic that will leave you breathless. Hungry for more than food? Atelier awaits. Find out more:

4. Champagne Bar Sydney

Image of Champagne Bar Sydney restaurant in Darling Harbour
Champagne Bar Sydney

Sydney sunset meets Parisian fizz! Champagne Bar bubbles over with panoramic views, clinking flutes & sabrage magic. Oysters whisper, caviar twinkles, cheese dreamscapes swirl. Classic Champagnes & playful twists dance in your glass. Forget ordinary sips, this is an escape to sparkling joy – raise a glass & let Champagne Bar uncork your Sydney night. Find out more:

5. Braza Churrascaria

Image of Braza Churrascaria restaurant in Darling Harbour
Braza Churrascaria restaurant

Forget limp steaks, Sydney’s Braza roars with churrasco magic! Skewers dance with fire, gauchos wield meaty swords, picanha whispers on your tongue. Salads sing green, caipirinhas clink. Live music ignites, laughter takes flight – it’s a Brazilian fiesta for your senses. Braza isn’t just meat, it’s carnivore nirvana. So raise your “sim” card and dive in! Find out more:

6. Steersons Steakhouse

Image of Steersons Steakhouse restaurant in Darling Harbour
Steersons Steakhouse restaurant

7. Rhythmboat Cruises Sydney Harbour

Image of Rhythmboat Cruises Sydney Harbour restaurant in Darling Harbour
Rhythmboat Cruises Sydney Harbour

Sydney’s Rhythmboat isn’t your grandma’s cruise! It’s harbor magic on tap – live music ignites, DJs spin sunsets, and harbor sights glide past like a postcard come alive. Fuel your dance moves with BBQ feasts, fresh seafood, and cocktails that taste like sunshine. Beyond the party, it’s a front-row seat to Sydney’s soul – Opera House, Harbour Bridge, city whispers in the wind. As the sun dips, clink glasses with a million twinkling diamonds against the fiery sky. Rhythmboat isn’t just a voyage, it’s a harbor serenade, your dancing shoes & appetite’s Sydney adventure! So grab your sunnies, dive in! Find out more:

8. Zaaffran

Image of Zaaffran restaurant in Darling Harbour
Zaaffran restaurant

9. Planar Restaurant

Image of Planar restaurant in Darling Harbour
Planar Restaurant

10.  Betty’s Burgers

Image of Betty's Burgers restaurant in Darling Harbour
Betty’s burgers

Bondi bliss on a bun! Betty’s Burgers Sydney sings with juicy Aussie beef, beachy vibes & fresh Aussie trimmings. Beetroot tangos, pineapple surprises, bacon crackles like summer. Veggie delights join the party, shakes are sunshine in a cup. Forget dry patties, Betty’s is Bondi burger nirvana – grab your crew, sink your teeth in! Find out more:


Darling Harbour might shimmer with iconic sights, but its culinary scene is just as dazzling. From Parisian panache at Atelier by Sofitel to fiery churrasco symphonies at Braza Churrascaria, every taste bud finds its muse. Steersons Steakhouse serenades with Wagyu whispers, while Rhythmboat Cruises paints sunsets with live music and harbor magic.

Spice up your Darling Harbour feast at Zaaffran, where modern Indian artistry dances on your plate. Or grab your beach-loving crew and sink your teeth into Betty’s Burgers, Bondi bliss on a bun! So, forget ordinary bites, Darling Harbour’s culinary canvas awaits. Choose your adventure, raise a toast, and savor every drop of Sydney’s delicious charm.

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