Singapore’s Sweet Escape: Unveiling the Best Ice Cream Spots

Singapore’s vibrant culinary scene extends beyond savory delights, offering a delectable array of ice cream havens to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re a gelato aficionado, a classic softserve fan, or an adventurous flavor explorer, this guide unveils some of the most highly-rated and unique ice cream experiences in the Lion City, complete with clickable links and helpful tips:

For the Gelato Gourmet:

  • Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique: Immerse yourself in a world of handcrafted gelato made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Indulge in unique flavors like durian or teh tarik, or go for classics like pistachio and dark chocolate. (Price range: $$). Website: Tip: Check their daily specials for exciting flavor discoveries!
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  • Fat Spoon: Experience innovative and playful flavors like salted egg yolk & gula melaka or avocado lavender at this award-winning gelateria. They also offer delicious sorbet options for vegan and dairy-free indulgences. (Price range: $$). Website: Tip: Follow them on social media for sneak peeks at their latest flavor creations.
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  • Apiary: Savor small-batch, handcrafted gelato made with fresh dairy products pasteurized in-house. Explore unique seasonal flavors alongside classic favorites in a quaint and inviting setting. (Price range: $) Website: Tip: Grab a scoop and enjoy it on their lovely outdoor patio.
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For the Classic Craver:

  • Häagen-Dazs: Indulge in iconic flavors like Belgian Chocolate or Cookies & Cream at this well-loved chain. Enjoy scoops, sundaes, or milkshakes for a satisfyingly familiar treat. (Price range: $$). Website: Tip: Sign up for their loyalty program for exclusive discounts and rewards.
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  • Cold Stone Creamery: Witness the ice cream creation magic unfold as your chosen mix-ins are blended into your favorite ice cream base on a frozen granite stone. Perfect for a customizable and interactive experience. (Price range: $$). Website: Tip: Check out their limited-edition seasonal creations for unique flavor combinations.
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  • Earle Swensen’s: Relive childhood memories with classic ice cream flavors and iconic banana splits at this nostalgic institution. Enjoy their extensive menu of sundaes, milkshakes, and floats for a delightful throwback. (Price range: $$). Website: Tip: Ask about their seasonal specials for a twist on classic favorites.
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For the Adventurous Eater:

  • Tom’s Palette: Unleash your inner explorer with unique and surprising flavors like Nasi Lemak or Tau Sar Piah ice cream. Be prepared for tastebud adventures beyond your wildest imagination! (Price range: $) Website: Tip: Don’t be afraid to try their rotating selection of experimental flavors – you might discover your new favorite!
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  • Salted Caramel: Embark on a journey of sweet and salty sensations with their signature salted caramel ice cream and other innovative flavor combinations. Don’t miss their decadent ice cream sandwiches and waffle cones. (Price range: $$). Website: Tip: Pair your ice cream with their freshly brewed coffee for a perfect afternoon treat.
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  • Durian Kingdom: For the truly daring, delve into the intense and creamy world of durian ice cream. This local favorite offers a variety of durian-infused options for those who can handle the king of fruits. (Price range: $) Website: Tip: If you’re new to durian, start with their milder flavors like durian and chocolate chip.
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Bonus Tip: Consider your budget, preferred flavors, and desired ambiance when making your choice. Many ice cream parlors offer online ordering for added convenience. Explore and discover your own frozen favorites in Singapore’s diverse ice cream landscape!


  • Opening hours: Check the opening hours of each ice cream place before you go, especially if you’re planning a special trip.
  • Dietary restrictions: If you have any dietary restrictions, like dairy allergies or vegan preferences, inquire about options beforehand.
  • Seating and atmosphere: Some places have limited seating, while others offer more spacious and family-friendly environments. Choose based on your preference.
  • Public transportation: Many ice cream spots are easily accessible by public transportation. Check for nearby bus stops or MRT stations before you head out.

With these additional tips and the delicious options listed above, you’re all set to embark on your ice cream adventure in Singapore! Don’t forget to share your sweet discoveries with friends and family

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